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Download FM Whatsapp Latest Version 2021

 Guide to FM Whatsaap Features 2021

Looking for the FM WhatsApp latest version 2021 update? Today we will talk about, How to Download FM WhatsApp apk ?. 

We have included the Full Guide of FM Whatsapp, FM WhatsApp new version, FM WhatsApp update, WhatsApp 2,  and much more.

Content List in this Article:- 

  1. What is FM WhatsApp?
  2. FM WhatsApp features
  3. FM Whatsapp App Details 
  4. Download FM Whatsaap Latest Version 

Download FM Whatsapp Latest Version 2021
Download FM Whatsapp Latest Version 2021

What is FM Whatsapp?

FM WhatsApp is a modified and compiled application of the original Whatsapp. FM WhatsApp has additional features than the original WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp app was designed on the WhatsApp Plus mod that eventually went belly up by the official WhatsApp company. There are so many useful features which are getting you ahead to use them. This modified app is always better than the original one. Whether features it provides are not present in the regular app so, we are recommended FM WhatsApp for you all. 

FM WhatsApp features

FM WhatsApp features are awesome and they are given an advantage to people to use something different from all. In simple WhatsApp, there will be more things which are not able to do but, this modified WhatsApp can able to use some new amazing features. The FM Whatsapp Features are like GB Whatsaap Features.

Let's start those new features which are available on FM WhatsApp...

About themes- you can able to change your WhatsApp theme and change it to looking beautiful and looks attractive to chat with friends and someone will own desires. 
You have a password lock to save your WhatsApp chat from nearby and also it can be secured to keep your information safe. 

Something there are new features which useful to file sharing advantage in which-- 

  1. You able to send apk file on WhatsApp
  2. Share videos under 50MB. 
  3. Share 90 photos at the same time with one click.
  4. You have to share 100MB audio clips 
  5. Disable forwarded message tag.
  6. You will get ultimate access to see other people’s stories even after they delete them.
  7. You may also able to watch other there stories posted on their status without letting them know.
  8. You may hide the last seen for specific contacts. 
  9. You have to download and saved Whatsapp status from there in an easy way. 
  10. You may also hide blue ticks.
  11. You can hide second ticks.
  12. You may copy any own selective Status. 
  13. You may hide last seen.

FM Whatsapp App Details : 

App Name: FM WhatsApp 
App Size: 51 MB
Version: 8.86
Update On: April 2021
Rating:  8/10
Operating System: Android 

Download FM Whatsaap Latest Version 

If you don't know how to unlock the link and how to download apps, watch this video.

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