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Looking for the What is URL Shortener? Today we will talk about, best link shortener. We have included the Full Guide on How to unlock shorted URL or link, we will talk about the free URL shortener? URL shortening websites, URL Shortener like bitly URL shortener, theapkguide URL shortener, and much more.

Content List in this Article:- 

  1. What is a link shortener?
  2. How to create a short URL? 
  3. Advantages of shortening links
  4. How to Unlock Locked URL?
  5. Watch Link Shortener Video Tutorial 

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Best URL Shortener 

What is a link shortener?

The link shortener mainly used long and difficult links for manageable and shareable links. Short links are easy to share with friends and on social media to get more clicks on links. Link shortener gives many benefits for publishing our site on social media. The link shortener can shorten links to see a branded link and a clickable link.

  1. First, open any link shortener website 
  2. Then place the link on the link converter box with http: // or https: //. 
  3. Use CTRL + V on the keyboard to put the link.
  4. Click the generate button to get an encrypted link. 
  5. Click on the Copy button. 
  6. You can share it to get more clicks on the link and to get more views on your social media.

Advantages of shortening links

  1. Many links are looking long and spamming but these are not. So you have to sort links and save yourself from going in spammers counting because many people can ban your account by calling the spammer. 
  2. link shortener can manage your link from long-form to short form. It's managed and make able to a shared link. 
  3. link shortener can give achieve information likes which time link are clicked, on which link and more to know about people advice. You may know what type of information are people likes. 
  4. They can improve your URLs to show your watchers and It has features that can be helpful for us. 
  5. It makes our work easier by shortening it. It is currently being used everywhere. 

How to Unlock Locked URL?

  1. Go to the download button where your link is locked, and click on it. 
  2. You may go to a new page, whose name was TAG Link Shortener.
  3. Wait for some time to load the page 
  4. Then click on the "click here to get link" Button.
  5. Wait for 15 seconds, you have successfully gained access to Decrypted Link. 
  6. Click on the "Go to the link" Button.
  7. Now, you can successfully short a link. 
If you don't know how to unlock the link and how to download apps, watch this video.

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