Netflix Premium Plans and Offers 2021

Looking for the Netflix premium? Today we will talk about, Netflix Premium Price. We have included the best Netflix plans for 2021, we will talk about the Netflix India plans, the Netflix subscription price, Netflix lifetime subscription price, monthly charges for Netflix, Netflix yearly subscription, Netflix yearly subscription India price, and much more.

Content List in this Article:- 

  1. What is Netflix Premium?
  2. How to buy a Netflix premium subscription
  3. Netflix premium account features
  4. Types of Netflix memberships packages
    1. Netflix Mobile plan= 199/month
    2. Netflix Basic plan= 499/month
    3. Netflix Standard plan= 649/month
    4. Netflix Premium plan= 799/month
  5. Netflix Premium plan= 799/month
  6. Netflix App Details 
  7. Download Netflix app

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Netflix premium plans

What is Netflix Premium

Netflix premium accounts able you to watch all types of videos, web series, new movies, TV shows, and more at any time, anywhere. You have to also watch videos offline through download videos. 

How to buy a Netflix premium subscription

You have to simply log in to your account on Netflix. 
Choose the Netflix subscription package whenever you desired. 
Choose payment method whatever you want- Credit Card, UPI transaction, or Paytm to purchase a premium membership.

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Netflix premium account features

You have to watch all videos, TV shows without ads. 
Change account and cancel your plan at any time, anywhere you want to do. 
This package will be renewed with every month's time period. There are four different plans for premium subscription given below with price and full reference

Types of Netflix memberships packages

Netflix Mobile plan= 199/month

A mobile-only plan offering you to watch the video on mobile. This plan has a small amount of money but it has some assumptions like quality, device matter. In a mobile plan, you have to watch videos in 480p quality and can only one device at the same time. You can watch videos only on mobile and tablets. 

Netflix Basic plan= 499/month

The basic plan is good for watching videos because 499₹ is not a larger amount and you can able to watching videos on mobile, tablets, computers, TV, and more. There are video quality is the same as 480p. Also, this plan only able to one device at a time. 

Netflix Standard plan= 649/month

The standard plan offers to watch a video on two devices at the same time. This plan can be adjusted by two friends as half money from both sides. There are video quality is better than previous as 1080p Full HD quality. You have to watch the video for fun and enjoy it with friends. Also, this plan able all devices TV, Mobile, computer more to watch the video. 

Netflix Premium plan= 799/month

The Netflix premium plan is for rich people who can pay a big amount of money. The premium plan is like a family plan because it's able to watch videos on 4 different devices at the same time. in video quality, This is the best of all of them. There are watches video in Ultra HD (4K) and HDR quality availability. 

Downloding video's and watch offline

You can also download videos to watch offline but Netflix doesn't require internal storage. Netflix uses its own storage to download videos. If you can cancel your subscription then the downloaded file got disappears. 

Netflix App Details : 

App Name: Netflix
App Size: 17 MB
Rating: 4.4
Downloaders: 1,00,00,00,000+

Download Netflix Premium APK


If you don't know how to unlock the link and how to download apps, then follow any one step
  1. Click Here  to Read the article for a short URL
  2. watch this video.

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