Guide to GBWhatsApp Features 2021

Looking for the What is GBWhatsApp? Today we will talk about, How to download GBWhatsApp. We have included the Full Guide of GBWhatsApp Features 2021, we will talk about the gbwhatsaap latest version? Why we should not use GBWhatsApp?, What are the features of GB WhatsApp?, How is GBWhatsApp not safe? , Does GB WhatsApp harm a phone? Is there any chance of getting all the features of GB WhatsApp's new version? and much more.

Content List in this Article:- 

  1. What is GB WhatsApp?
  2. What is GB WhatsApp?
  3. File sharing features-  
  4. What are the GBWhatsaap features of hiding?
  5. Downloading resources from GB WhatsApp.
  6. What else do you want to know about GB Whatsapp?
  7. Demerits of GB whatsapp
  8. GB Whatsaap  App Details 
  9. Download GB Whatsaap Latest Version 
GB WhatsApp

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modified and compiled application of the original Whatsapp. GB WhatsApp has additional features than the original WhatsApp. This app mod was designed on the WhatsApp Plus mod that eventually went belly up by the official WhatsApp company. This GBWhatsaap mod apk created by an XDA member whose name was Has.007. 

GB WhatsApp features

In GB WhatsApp, you can change the WhatsApp theme as per your wishes. 
You may be able to take a password lock on your WhatsApp to secure your WhatsApp from your acquaintance.

GB Whatsaap File sharing features

  • You able to send apk file on WhatsApp
  • Share videos under 50MB. 
  • Share 90 photos at the same time with one click.
  • You have to share 100MB audio clips 

What are the GBWhatsaap features of hiding?

  • You may hide last seen for all and also for specific contacts. 
  • You may copy any own selective Status. 
  • You can hide second ticks to not shown your friends that you are offline or online. 
  • You may also hide blue ticks to release him that you are not shown his message. 

Downloading resources from GB WhatsApp.

You have to download and saved Whatsapp status from there in an easy way. 
You can Copywrite Status from the middle of the status. In other words, you can copy messages from the middle of the message. 

What else do you want to know about GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp has include adjustments to settings and functionality and introducing new features entirely as well as less vital updates to gain the benefit of all new features. You may change themes on our desired and enhance your WhatsApp experience. 

Demerits of GB whatsapp

GB WhatsApp is downloaded from an unknown source so, we have not to say that GB WhatsApp is safe for our devices. We are not sure that GB WhatsApp has completely secure. 
GB WhatsApp has a different data privacy policy. you have to read it privacy and then download it. GB Whatsapp is the best application for businessmen and friendly for people. Also, it gives additional advantages to people so, people use it mostly and recommended it. 

GB Whatsaap  App Details : 

App Name: GB Whatsapp
App Size: 52 MB
Version: 15.01.5
Update On: April 2021
Rating:  8/10
Operating System: Android 

Download GB Whatsaap Latest Version 

If you don't know how to unlock the link and how to download apps, watch this video.

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