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Today we will be talking about, best racing games for android in the years 2020 - 2021  and game specifications. In this article, we include the top 3 car racing games for android online and offline. so let's go... 

Included Games in this Article:- 

  • Turbo League 
  • Asphalt nitro
  • Racing in car 2 
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top 3 racing games, Racing in car 2 ,Asphalt nitro, turbo league
Top 3 Racing Games

Turbo league

Turbo League is the best game ever we playing turbo league and entertain ourselves.
It's a football match game in which cars have to kick the ball and goal.
There are online 2v/s2 & 3v/s3 PvP match,3 vs 3 Real time Multiplayer.
In the game, boosters (nos) are added at 6 places on the ground. Nos are help to give our best in a match. 
Turbo league also played offline. We have to basics cars for editing and design skins of cars. We earn credits and purchase new best-driving cars. its graphics and its controls are too smooth. At first, two cars are unlocked. As wining the games you gain credits and XP. It helps to push up your rank.
Turbo league requires sign-in with Google Play. Google Play requires a Google account to save your progress. Google Play also helps to push up your rank and unlock your achievements.

Game Details : 

App Name: Turbo league 
App Size: 28 MB approx
Rating: 3.6
Downloaders : 5,000,000+

Asphalt nitro

Asphalt Nitro is the best racing game for car racing lovers. This game is play online as well as offline. In the game, many types of cars for racing are unlock by credits. There are different types of modes like firstly winning the race, infection mode, eliminated mode, knockdown mode - knockdown 15 players first, Police Chase mode. this all with 8 different maps. In the match, we have to hit the ramp and do mind-blowing stunts. By drift our cars, We can flat spin stunt. and much more.
In online mode, different events are added to playing with Facebook friends. Asphalt nitro is required to sign in with Facebook for online playing only. It can not be connected to other social sites like google etc. Asphalt Nitro is very small in size nearly 35 MB. This game has good graphics and easy gameplay.

Game Details : 

App Name: Asphalt Nitro
App Size: 45 MB approx
Rating: 4.3
Downloaders : 50,000,000+

Racing in car 2 

This game is played offline only. This game is endless racing games with a third-person perspective. This game is so satisfying. there are not too many ads in this game. There are not so many buying things just some cars and sceneries. we drive it is so smooth.
There are 100 million downloaders of this game because people love this game and it is very small in size about 64 MB.
There are 3 maps have - 2 way, 4- way with differents season maps.
This game is a single-player game with third-person view mode racing is the best point of the game. Game graphics are too good. Its part first is good but not better than racing in car 2.

Game Details : 

App Name: Racing in Car 2
App Size: 64 MB approx
Rating: 4.0
Downloaders : 100,000,000+
Play store Ranking:  #3 top free game 

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