3 Survival Games Under 2 GB

Looking for the best survival games for android? Today we will talk about, a complete list of the best Android games available on the PlayStore. The list includes some of the best newly released android games available on the internet.

We have included the best roleplaying games for android 2021, the best open-world games for android, and much more.

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  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Gangstar Vegas: World Of Crime
  • Shadow Fight Arena: PVP Fighting Game
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Under 2 GB games

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK survival is the best-survived game on the play store with unique and addictive graphics. You have to survive against 80+ distinct species of dinosaurs. You can make our safe base and defense ourselves and our property with machine guns and safe from other players. You have to play with your friends and alone. There are different PvP in underwear. You have to make an underwater safe home. You can explore much different massive living and breathing prehistoric landscapes. You find the means to survive,, and try to escape on Ark. Based on the genre-defining adventure from PC and consoles. ARK: Survival Evolved game challenges you to survive and thrive on a mysterious island and fight with Dino and tame dinosaurs to explore many places to get more, also helps to fight against enemies. Some devices should be able to play that are listed as incompatible only 3GB ram mobiles played the game.

Game Details :

App Name: ARK: Survival Evolved
App Size: 2.44 GB
Rating: 4.0
Play store Ranking:#10 top-grossing in adventures
Downloaders: 1,00,00,000+

Gangstar Vegas: World Of Crime

Gangstar Vegas is an ultra-quality game full of evergreen maps. This is the realistic roleplaying offline single-player action and adventure game, also play as free of charge. You have to choose your character and playing his role in the game. In the game, you are included in the mafia gang and you have to create disturbance in the city of Gangstar Vegas. This game is included in the top 10 games of the roleplaying game list. You have to drive out of free in the open game world full of gang wars, zombie shooting, vice, auto racing, sniper action, clan conspiracies, thief, street fights, and other absolutely fun.  This game is completely wild with an evergreen environment and just looking like an action movie scene. You have to keep fighting with other rivals for complete missions and also for over a life. You have to thief anyone cars to playing and driving in free for in the map and also for escape enemies. You have to become a Rockstar Gangstar of the game and gear different actions and adventures to gatting more achievements. You can be fighting with open-world players from gang wars with a grand bang by fighting with Maltov Cocktails, Grenade Launchers, and also with future exclusive firepower. You can get special rewards by joining the royal clubs. You have to fun the game with amazing modes and also enjoy the game with your friends in racing, fighting, and much more.

Game Details :

App Name: Gangstar Vegas: World Of Crime
App Size: 2.17 GB
Rating: 4.3
Play store Ranking: #10 top-grossing in roleplaying
Downloaders: 10,00,00,000+ 

Shadow Fight Arena: PVP Fighting Game

Shadow Fight is the fighting games branch on the play store and highly recommend games are in there. Shadow Fight Arena is the best role-playing PvP fighting game with amazing graphics included in different modes. This is the real 3D realistic animated fighting game and also you have to brawl mode to fun with friends.
In the game, there are many different epic characters of fighters with different addictive powers. Many different stylish moves to bit your friends and damage him more. This game playing online as well as offline. You have to make a team of warriors, and a ninja of three players and playing online multiplayer mode to getting experience and rewards to unlocking new power. You have to upgrade our fighter's power and gives him more useful abilities to defeat enemies. As well, there are stylish skins of Armor and weapons and also for fighter skins which are attractive to players and this leads to increase your skills. You can send emotes, and funny things to your opponent to make fun with them and enjoy with them. Online PvP and tournaments to playing and get rewards. this game is free to play and also play offline. 

Game Details :

App Name: Shadow Fight Arena: PVP Fighting Game
App Size: 0.91 GB
Rating: 4.7
Play store Ranking: #9 Top grossing in role-playing
Downloaders: 10,00,000+

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