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Today we will be talking about, Which Screen recorder is best for record android screen, and How to record android phones screen ?... and another feature of this screen recorder 

 Covered Topics in this Article:- 

  • How to record Screen?
  • How to pause screen recording?
  • What is the magic button? and How to use it?
  • How to use Stop Option? 
  • How to change video Resolution?
  • How to change the bit rate?
  • How to change the Fream rate?
  • What is the time lapse ( video speed )?
  • Internal audio recording?
  • How to use Text and Logo?
  • How to use the Show camera option?
  • How to set a Time for Recording?
  • How to set Countdown before recording?
  • How to Fix Greenscreen?
  • .......   and another many option?

So let's get started ... 

Best Screen recorder
Best Screen Recorder  For Android 

Application Name:-

    AZ Screen Recorder 

Application Features:-

1. Pause screen recording 

2. Magic button

3. Stop Option

4. Change video Resolution 

5. Bit rate 

6. Fream rate 

7. Timelapse ( video speed ) 

8. Internal audio recording 

9. Text and Logo 

10. Show camera option 

11. Set Time for Recording 

12. Countdown before recording 

13. Fix Green screen 

14. Controller Type 

15. Bubble Button 

16. keep Notification on exit

17. Disable Review Pop-up

18. output Directory 

19. Edit Video 

20. Draw Button 

How to start Screen recording:-

First, you have to click on the app icon and then you see some option but you have to click on the camera icon and then the recording will be started.

How to pause screen recording:-

while recording you want to pause recording. now you have to scroll down and then you see recorder application notification, this notification contains a recording pause option. so you have to click on this pause button and then the recording will be paused.

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How to use the Magic button:-

This button is invisible. that button does everything. when you enable this button. 

While screen recording you have to single tap on the right area of the screen to pause and resume recording and double-tap to stop recording and long press to draw anything on the screen.

How to use the Stop option:-

This application has many stop options. first, stop by notification this option is by default enabled. if you disable this option so you can not use another feature in this option. 

Show red blink dot:-

This option like a magic button. single tap to pause screen recording, double-tap to stop recording. 

Stop on Screen off:-

While Screen recording your screen is off and then your recording is stoped.

Stop on shake:-

While Screen recording you have to shake your phone and then screen recording will stop.

Enable Time limit: -

use this feature you have to set time and then time is up and screen recording will be paused.

How to change Resolution:-

You want to use this feature, you have to click the app icon and then select the Resolution button, and then you see many video resolutions. now select your resolution.

How to change Bit Rate:-

You want to use this feature, you have to click the app icon and then select the Bit Rate option, and then you see many videos of Bit Rate. now select your Bit Rate.

How to change Frame Rate:-

You want to use this feature, you have to click the app icon and then select the Frame Rate option and then you see many video Frame Rate. now select your Frame Rate.

Record audio:-

You want to use this feature, you have to click the app icon and then enable Record audio option. 

Video Tutorial

some features I do not show you because that feature is not important for you. if you have any doubt so you can watch this video and the second option is to comment on your problem.

video coming soon 

How to Download & Install  AZ Screen Recorder : 


If you don't know how to unlock the link and how to download apps, then follow any one step
  1. Click Here  to Read the article for a short URL
  2. watch this video.


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