How to unban WhatsApp number

unban banned whatsaap number
unban your Banned Whatsaap Number

In this article, I will show you how to unban your banned GBWhatsaap Number, If you looking for a solution to the GBWhatsaap number ban problem so in this article you will get a solution.

Step By Step

1) Open your WhatsApp and enter your number
2)Click on the support icon
3)Now write, ( We are very sorry to violate the policy. We will not do this in the future. Please unblock our number.
My WhatsApp number is +91[your number])
4)Now Click on " This doesn't answer my question"
5)Yea now send the mail and what for the response

Your WhatsApp account will be unbanned within 2 weeks.

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  1. 8432220967 please unbanned my whatsapp account this is my parsnol whatsapp account

  2. Hi sir my whatsapp number band huwa use unban kar do please

  3. 9597372499 please my whatsapp account my parsnal account


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