Top 4 Best Apps for Teach Geeks 2021

Looking for the best tech apps for android? Today we will talk about, a complete list of the best Android apps available on the PlayStore. The list includes some of the best unknown android apps available on the internet.

We have included the best technology app for android 2021, the best utility apps for android, the best tech apps for android, the best music app, Instagram story, photos, videos downloader, Whatsapp autoresponder,  and much more.

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  • Friendly For Instagram
  • Spotify: Listen to your favorite music & podcasts
  • AutoResponder for WA - Auto Reply Bot
  • Wildlife AR
  • How To Download 
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best android apps for teach geeks , theapkguide
beat apps for Teach geeks

Friendly For Instagram

With the help of this app, you can download any photo of Instagram, download Instagram videos, and also download instagram stories, gifs. you can also view any photo by zoom. You have to change the themes of Instagram, watch any Instagram story anonymously. There are many features of the application likes this app uses limited data, ads-free app without any sponsored videos and photos. You have to enable notification options to battery saver. Design images in animated form to save mobile battery. There is a night mode that helps to keep playing mobile at night without any damage to the eyes. You have to log in to many accounts on your desire. This apk is like a lite app of Instagram

Game Details : 

App Name: Friendly For Instagram
App Size: 10.50 MB
Rating: 3.7
Downloaders: 5,00,000

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Spotify: Listen to your favorite music & podcasts

In this app, you can listen to any song online and read its lyrics right now. You can download the desired song from this app and also you can listen to the songs in good quality and your data is used slowly means limited data used by this application. All the songs that you have trouble finding, in like other music players, it is the best out of all the music players. Here, you get all the songs on YouTube too and it has many more features. there are shown many lists of singers to choose desired artists songs and Listen with peacefully. You have to discover new songs and publish them to get confidential. This app is free to listening songs and podcasts with also, create your own playlist of music and get to become a singer. 

Game Details : 

App Name: Spotify: Listen to your favorite music & podcasts
App Size: 27 MB
Rating: 4.5
Play store Ranking:#4 top free in music & audio
Downloaders: 50,00,00,000+

AutoResponder for WA - Auto Reply Bot

With the help of this app, you can reply to anyone on WhatsApp automatically. You will not even touch the mobile and the mobile automatic will reply to anyone whom you send him to then the mobile will detect the front and the automatic hello will send or you're desired too what you want to send him when he was talking to you. Also, You have to irritate your friends with this app, customize it what you have to send him like his Nike name, and then if he replied to anything then automatically generated Nike name was sent automatically. You have to send multiple replies to irritate anyone and also for talking to you. It works like a Tasker plugin. This application is also activated on SGNL. This application is not associated with WhatsApp, It's only for earning. 

Game Details : 

App Name: AutoResponder for WA - Auto Reply Bot
App Size: 8 MB
Rating: 4.6
Downloaders: 10,00,000+

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Wildlife AR

From the app, you can create AR effects through your mobile and this effect looks absolutely real. If you have children at home, then you will enjoy this WildlifeAR effect very much. With the help of this app, you can enjoy the real-life 3D effects of animals. You can rotate them wherever you want by creating an AR effect but you can use it without a gyroscope and it's looking like a realistic animation. This apk works with markerless tracking and also works for 64-bit. This application is not useful with all mobiles. You can place/spawn visualized animals on the floor by pressing the on-screen camera. You have easy to control it. 

Game Details : 

App Name: WildlifeAR
App Size: 42.37 MB
Rating: 3.8
Downloaders: 1,00,000+

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